Clink II

Integrated Motor Control System

Clink II is a microprocessor-based automation system with individual control units for each motor and feeder circuit within a Capitole 40 switchboard. It provides plant managers with comprehensive data and opportunities to optimize plant performance, efficiency and productivity.

Clink II

1. The Starter Control Units execute protection, monitoring and control functions for motors.
2. The Feeder Control Units execute protection monitoring and control functions for feeders.

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  • Application

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    • For each motor in the process
    • Protection
    • Monitoring
    • Control
    • Maintenance data
    • For each incoming / outgoing feeder
    • Measurement
    • Control
    • Earth Leakage Protection
    • Over / Under
    • Min / Max
    • For switchboard
    • Data communication between motor and higher level systems (such as DCS, SCADA, etc.) by application of modern microprocessor technology.
  • Benefits

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    • Reliability
    • Protection independent of communication
    • Communication optionally redundant
    • Hardware mounted in separate compartment (temperature not exceed 55° C)
    • Reliability
    • Identical modules for all motor
    • All motor data digitally available (what you need is what you get)
    • Control and monitoring on different levels:
      • DSC level
      • SCADA level
      • MCC level
      • Field level
    • Access to other devices due to an open communication network
    • Economic
    • Faster project engineering, installation and commissioning
    • Optimising plant performance, efficiency and productivity
    • Preventive maintenance
  • Technical Details

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    SCU / FCU Eurocard size (height 100mm, depth 160mm)
    SCU / FCU cassette: height 1970mm, depth 2475mm, width 35mm
    Degree of Protection
    Mounted in Capitole: IP 42
    SCU / FCU: IP 31
    CIU: IP 31
    Permission Ambient Temperature
    Operation CIU: 0 -55° C
    Operation SCU: 0 -55° C
    Operation FCU: 0 -55° C
    Storage: 0 -75° C
    Power Supply
    Input voltage: 195 - 265 V
    Frequency: 50/60 Mz
    System voltage: 24 Vdc
    Timing Starter Control Unit
    Response time Motor Control action: 10 ms
    Response time Motor Protection action: 10 ms
    Response time Motor Monitoring action: 10 ms
    Timing Feeder Control Unit
    Response time digital input: 25 ms
    Response time digital output: 25 ms
    Communication to process control system
    Standard protocol: Modbus / Profitbus / Datahighway / EtherNet / ControlNet / Ethernet
    Baud rate: Depending on protocol
    Serial link: Depending on protocol